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Turner Suzuki Studio 

Violin and Viola

Studio Policies​


It has been said that music is the universal language and the string family instruments most imitate the human voice. Music has the power to unite a people, to heighten emotions, and to allow us to be a part of something larger than ourselves. Music has the power to move people and convey emotions in a way words cannot. That is a reason that music has been a major part of any ceremony large or small.  

Learning to play an instrument has many rewards. The music student learns life-long lessons in analytical thinking, goal setting, discipline, cooperative learning and patience. By learning with other students, they develop camaraderie, community and compassion. Development of these skills helps the student to achieve things they may have otherwise thought impossible. Young students do better in school and older students can keep their minds sharp. With all of these factors, the learning of music helps us to be better people.

It is my passion to share Music with my students. When a young student enters my studio, I devote myself to the vision of helping that student develop their skills as a musician and as a human being. This is a relationship that can last a through high school and beyond! To enable myself to be there for my students and provide the best that I can offer, I must set certain policies.


Check the studio calendar in your book or on the studio website for group lesson dates, vacation dates and recitals. There will be no adjustment in tuition for lessons missed by the student for any reason (tuition has been adjusted to assume two missed lessons). You are responsible for any bank charges incurred because of returned checks.

Tuition for 2020-2021 has been determined by averaging total lesson cost over 10 months. Monthly payment is due at the first lesson of the month or may be mailed to the studio. Tuition holds your slot in the teaching schedule throughout the year. Accounts not paid by the 10th of the month will incur a $15 late fee.


Plan to arrive a couple minutes before your lesson. When you arrive, please quietly unpack your instrument. Please have nails trimmed appropriately. Students who are late cannot be guaranteed a full lesson. Students are encouraged to watch the lessons of other students, studio space permitting and with the permission of the other student. Siblings are welcome, but should not be a distraction. There are some quiet play activities provided by the sitting area. SIBLINGS THAT ARE A DISTRACTION WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.

Online lessons: Please have

Your instrument tuned
Bow rosined
Nails trimmed
Practice sheet, Books, Pencil, Metronome (if applicable) ready
Music stand to the left of the camera and just below shoulder height (if applicable).

Note on music stands: the folding ones are flimsy and don't go high enough. Invest in quality music stand like a Manhasset or Peak. They last a really long time. 


Please keep in mind that tuition pays for your reserved time in the studio schedule and not the actual lesson itself. Cancelled lessons will not be refunded for any reason including illness and prearranged vacation (I have included two sick weeks in tuition). There will be NO MAKEUPS offered. Please pay close attention to the studio calendar. It will be provided via email, Facebook, website, studio wall, and a hard copy in the Fall.


Lessons cancelled by the teacher for any reason will be rescheduled or credit will be given towards the next month's tuition. Safety comes first, if the roads are unsafe, lessons will be rescheduled or an online alternative offered.


Study during the summer is crucial for students to continue their progress. The summer term is flexible. Students wanting to continue lessons in the summer will be able to sign-up for dates and times on a summer schedule for the months of June, July, and August. Due to the nature of the summer term, there will be no group classes offered.


There will be at least one studio recital per year, and all students are highly encouraged to perform. Students should present themselves in "nice clothes." It is a special occasion marking months and years of preparation. Specifics will be provided closer to the recital date. The recital dates will be given at the start of lessons in the Fall. Please note them on your calendar.


Please bring to each lesson your instrument, shoulder pad, all assigned music, and a good attitude! Cost of books is not included in tuition. Students will be provided with a personalized weekly practice sheet and a binder with the studio calendar. Students are also provided with a "Books and Materials" sheet in their practice books. This outlines the materials I intend to use for years to come.


Daily Practice at home is a must for success at any skill. Students should expect to practice the length of their lesson every day. Developing the discipline for this habit takes time and creative help. It also starts small! A few minutes everyday helps to build this habit. Choose a time that follows an activity that already happens daily and is already an established transition (right after breakfast or dinner are two favorites). This is where the parent's job is creative and challenging!

Parents are highly encouraged to read Helping Parents Practice by Edmund Sprunger.


For students under 10 years old, a parent or guardian is expected to attend every lesson, take notes at lessons, and supervise daily practice. Parents will also learn to play all the Twinkle Variations. It is best if the parent who will be the teacher at home is the parent who attends the lesson that week. I welcome discussion about your child's progress at the beginning of your child's lesson or by email.

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